COCO Conductor App

Humans trust schools and bus drivers to keep their children safe, and we are their tech support. The COCO conductor app ensures that there is a proper digital trail of the bus route and pickup/handover data. Including pictures of the handover!

From boarding the school bus in the morning, de-boarding, boarding from school and the handover upon return. All 4 steps grant the conductor the power to send instant notifications to the parents as well as the school administration so that both parties know that the student has successfully boarded the bus. At each step the parents gets SMS/push notifications.

In this notification, both, the parents and the school administration will receive: -
  • 1. The location from where the student boarded and deboarded the bus
  • 2. Time

With this information, parents can be assured about their ward reaching school safely. Parents can check the bus location in real-time whenever they want with the parent app (Check parent app).

With login details, the bus conductor can access the bus route allocated to him/her. The conductors of the school bus have their own dedicated mobile application called the conductor app.
Major Features
  • It Gets Students’ Attendance
  • It Sends Arrival Alerts
  • It can Send Important Transit Notification
  • It Gives a Specific Route for Every Bus

Application Screens

Conductor Login

Students of Bus

De -Boarding a student

Data Syncronization

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