COCO Security Solution in Indiustrial Estabilshments

Where as Industrial Security Departments deploy traditional methods of torch, baton, notebook and mobile phone wielding manpower, COCO works behind the scenes by leveraging NFC technology to give 100% efficacy in maximizing productivity and cutting business losses.
In any establishment there are 5 major areas which require accurate and realtime tracking. These are
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Canteen and other facility Management
  • .... As well as Guard Monitoring Management
Many security companies and their clients find it imperative to employ an on-site supervisor to manage a team of guards. Numerous challenges and risks arise with this approach. First and foremost, on-site supervision pushes up operating costs and makes security more expensive for the client.

COCO has handheld mobile NFC solutions for each of these areas which seamlessly integrate with the existing HR modules.

COCO also keeps an eye on guards making sure that duties are being performed optimally.

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