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Top campus Security Challenges of Higher Education

1. Coping with the Culture of Sharing
2. Hostile Dorm Environment
3. Broad Compliance Demands

Higher-education institutions operate under a unique combination of security and compliance requirements. The independence of their user communities and breadth of their endeavours often makes security implementation a tall order. Educational institutions must act proactively to secure their environments. The moment something goes wrong is too late for putting security in place and waiting until then can cause irreparable damage and significant unexpected costs. In particular, organizations should work with tools that allow for a greater degree of customization to find the information that an administrator needs.

From providing unobtrusive attendance solutions which work on authentic facial recognition, to leveraging gate attendance into the classroom rollcall and finally helping to sanitize the campus IT network from the effects of internet malware. COCO provides several value adds here.
Challenges of College / University
  • Only authenticated students should enter in campus
  • Control on Class Room Attendnace
  • No outside should be Allowed in Hostel
  • Campus should be cashless

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