COCO for Event Management

While India’s population has increased and events that require crowd management have multiplied, the administrative machinery in metropolitan cities has not kept pace.
The encouraging part is that technology has made as much an entry into managing crowds as it has in constituting and manipulating crowds.Live videography, drones, and CCTV cameras RFID are now widely used and are very helpful in crowd monitoring and in capturing evidence.

We at COCO offer a comprehensive solution on NFC technology which works offline too and a tool to work as an identification system during disasters.
What does crowd management entail?
  • Crowd management is used to ensure that a large gathering of people is controlled in an orderly and problem-free manner.
  • Creating a manageable public traffic flow
  • Preventing excessively dense crowds
  • Minimizing risks, limiting the number of first aid occurrences, incident reports, and violent offences
Common difficulties faced by the crowd and the authorities alike
  • Identification of a person(lost, dead, injured, etc)
  • Locating important places in surrounding areas.
  • Guiding lost persons to their group.
  • Reporting in case of emergencies.
  • Information exchange between crowd and authorities.
  • Controlling the crowd.

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