Classroom Attendance - A Nightmare

Too Much Time and Resource Spent on Daily Reporting, It is not Automatically Collated.

Enhance Efficiency with RFID and NFC Attendance Tracking

Advanced RFID and NFC based attendance system.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) are both technologies used for contactless communication between devices. Their combination can be used for employees attendance and time tracking and student tracking .


99.9% fool-proof authentication at entry points

State of Art technology to get attendance

The combination of proximity RFID card and NFC phone scanner ensure unrivalled accuracies in authentication (Source: www.sciencedirect.com) even without the requirement of internet at the time of operation. Many universities / schools / offices converting to this technology to help achieve optimal efficiencies in managing attendance and improvement of productivity.

Features of Our Attendance Tracking System

Instant real time tracking report on dashboard

Instant information at your finger tips

Every registration on the system is relayed to the server (once internet is available) and individual tracking of man power is made available. Attendance By App (Employee time tracking app or Student attendance tracking system) provides employee time spent on each job on real time basis. This attendance can be pushed to Time attendance software mainly known as Attendance automation system.


No internet or lost connection? No problem

Attendance capturing even when offline

Internet is only required at the time of transfer of data to the server. There are no discrepancies since the actual time stamp of the operation are recorded. Not only attendance, attendance app pick location data on time interval basis and helps in tracking of an individual.

Daily movement reports of all campus Students

Provision of geolocation prevents by passing

A plethora of reports are generated covering all aspects of movement of personnel through the system. Educational campuses demand every in / out activity and an app to track students location / movement. We provide a student tracking app both to parents and management

daily report

Instil full accountability on managers

Accountability make people responsibe

The originator of each and every input into the system is identifiable by name. Hence everyone is held to full accountability and the efficiency of the organization is ensured.

From attendance data to timesheet management

Calculate hours and overtime at the press of a button

Say goodbye to paper timesheets! Automatically, attendance data is sent straight into timesheets. Download employee data in Excel or CSV files, which integrate seamlessly with the payroll software of your choice.

push notification

Push Notifications save communication costs

Zero cost communication of Attendance/ Tracking / RFID data to Stakeholders.

All instances requiring sharing and transmission of data are configured through push notifications. This saves the cost of SMS packages which is a huge saving.

Custom linkage with third party software

Complete compatibility with legacy systems

Many organizations are already using legacy applications on other platforms which they do not want to discard. Our product can be integrated using APIs which works both by push and pull methods.

3rd party

Anywhere, anytime access on the Cloud server

Always available, entirely safe

Recent advances in technology have greatly enhanced the integrity and protection of data on cloud servers. Our system can be hosted on cloud servers which allows access from anywhere to all stake holders.

Retain control with override facilities

Top Down Control

A Hierarchy of Rights allows the Administrator to override the rights of all people who are Attendance and Tracking data gatekeepers within the system below him.


Act now think later

COCO is the only employee time and attendance software you’ll ever need.

Don’t waste your time with a whole bunch of hyper-specialized and costly software packages. Whether you’re using COCO as a construction site worker attendance system, restaurant guest attendance indicator, footfall registering app in retail Malls, hospital visitor attendance app, factory workplace attendance system, school and college attendance app, event management control system or any other situation —– COCO is the one for you.

COCO's use case

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NFC Story

The “Assistance Control” project was inspired by the basic idea of the “Bologna Process”, a Pan-European collaboration which started in 1999, to adapt technology to provide a better quality of education that would allow improvement of the next generation of classroom teaching.
The best project finally chosen and tested involved students registered for classes with NFC phones, during the academic year 2011–2012 at “Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Campus Madrid” (UPSAM).
This resulted in the senior students at the School of Computer Engineering to certify 99.5% accuracy and ease of attendance that ensured continuous assessment without loss of instructional time allocated to this activity.

Source : Science Direct Volume 40 Issue 11, 1st September 2013, Pages 4478-4489