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Hostel Guardian App

In cases where there is an onsite hostelry this allows the administration to have completely holistic control of all hostel occupants’ movements within campus (As internal Control) in real time.

Authorization is the process of specifying access privileges to resources related to information security and computer security. Authentication is the way of determining individual identity. The two terms seem to be similar but differ in their process.

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The common inspiration that connected our two founders was their passion for DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION. Both had, in their respective spheres of earlier work, endeavoured to provide new solutions to address age-old problems.

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NFC Story

The “Assistance Control” project was inspired by the basic idea of the “Bologna Process”, a Pan-European collaboration which started in 1999, to adapt technology to provide a better quality of education that would allow improvement of the next generation of classroom teaching.
The best project finally chosen and tested involved students registered for classes with NFC phones, during the academic year 2011–2012 at “Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Campus Madrid” (UPSAM).
This resulted in the senior students at the School of Computer Engineering to certify 99.5% accuracy and ease of attendance that ensured continuous assessment without loss of instructional time allocated to this activity.

Source : Science Direct Volume 40 Issue 11, 1st September 2013, Pages 4478-4489